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tv   KBS News  KTSF  June 27, 2011 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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g we didn't order. -good catch. -i don't think you should ever pay for any bill unless you have first made sure all the charges are correct.
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-speaking of which, ha you heard about the latest medicare scam? this happened to my friend. a man came to her door claiming he was from medicare. he had a smooth line about helping seniors with the high costs of their medicines, but she had to give him her medicare number right then before the 'deadline'. well, when she got her medicare summary notice, it was full of charges for services she hadn't received! turns out the guy was a scam artist. -medicare already has everyone's number; they wouldn't need to ask for it. -scams like these hurt every taxpayer, draining billions from medicare and making it harder for people like us to get the health benefits we're entitled to. so, i did something about it. i joined the senior medicare patrol where i work with other volunteers to teach my neighbors how to protect their medicare numbers, review statements to spot false charges and detect errors, and report suspected fraud.
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i'm jeff gordon, warning parents about pertussis.
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what's that? well, imagine a cough barreling through your infant's body at up to 100 miles per hour. with enough force to make him gasp for air. again and again. for weeks, even months. pertussis, or whooping cough, is potentially fatal. now imagine you gave this to your baby. parents most often spread pertussis. and even when babies themselves are vaccinated, they're probably not protected till they've had at least three doses. i'm working with march of dimes to urge you to help protect your baby by protecting yourself. ask your health-care provider about the adult pertussis vaccine. now. cause we can't stop pertussis fast enough.
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gerard butler and these are my friends from kids kicking cancer. they're teaching me how to use breath to focus against stress and pain. these children gain more power over their illness when they share their skills with others like you and me. they also have less pain when they know that they have a purpose in their lives. you can go to kids kick cancer dot org
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to learn how to use a breath brake in your life and be inspired by these amazing kids. when you download the breath brake, the children see the numbers go up on their screens at home or in the hospital, so you show them how they've made a difference in your life. kids kicking cancer is now teaching martial arts therapy to other children in pain, so if you know of a child dealing with chronic pain or breathing difficulties, our martial arts therapists and these young heroes are ready to help. please go to our website to find out how you can become a member of our kids kicking cancer family. you can reduce a child's pain by giving them power, peace and purpose.
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